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Consulting in Applied Mathematics

Piwwop Analytics brings its knowledge of Big Data & Machine Learning and its expertise in complex & high availability systems to market leaders who seek to extract value from their data. Piwwop operates in various sectors where applied mathematics has a strong impact: in financial markets (e.g. market making of derivatives, arbitrage strategies), in sports betting, crypto-currencies but also in industrial processes or in pricing & inventory management based on dynamic costs and willingness-to-pay.


​Piwwop offers a wide range of contributions, from strategic consulting (evaluation of theoretical and technical proposals) to the creation and operation of production tools (e.g. algorithmic trading systems) through the writing of technical documentation and the creation of business demonstrators.​ Piwwop Analytics' fields of intervention are algorithmic and automated trading (finance and other marketplaces), resource usage optimization (of the company, the society, the planet) and health.

Compréhension métier.png
Métro aérien

Transport - RATP

Estimate the ROI of an innovation through simulation before deploying it in production

Piwwop Methodology

1 - Measurement of delay propagation (in seconds and €)

2 - Quantification of the mitigation allowed by RATP Prevision (in sec and in €)

3 - Development of a corrective model

4 - Quantification of the attenuation allowed by the Piwwop correction (in sec and in €)

Sièges Stade

Sport Betting

Quantifying a trading strategy

Piwwop Methodology


  • Report with - Turnover and KPIs over a given period - In-sample/out-of-sample backtests

High complexity:

  • Theoretical proba surface - Market response model

Serrure à combinaison

Willingness to pay

Sell at the best price, at the best time

Piwwop Methodology

Sales history:

  • Analysis of past transactions


  • Creating the pricing model


  • Turnover increase - Attrition decrease

L'eau de mer

Water treatment

Internet Of Things - Process data from smart water sensor
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